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KeyScripts Offers the Following Services

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Pharmacy Benefit Management

KeyScripts is a Pennsylvania-based corporation providing pharmacy benefit management services relative to workers’ compensation & automobile injuries on a national scale. Developed through 35 years of experience in workers’ compensation and auto claims management, offering a national network of more than 60,000 pharmacies, to manage prescription benefits for insurance carriers, third party administrators, agents and self-insured employers.

Our unique and aggressive approach to pharmacy benefit management in the workers’ compensation industry keeps our customers from overpaying on prescriptions. Our management process involves the immediate activation of prescription benefit cards, which reduces incidents of prescription charges going outside our network to third-party payers. With our highly competitive discounted pricing and ability to keep third party payers and their high prices out of the mix, our customers enjoy unmatched savings. Our immediate, real time activation process prevents claimants from experiencing delays in filling their prescription, and the claimant realizes no out-of-pocket expense at point-of-purchase.

On the claims management side, our technology and services help our customers retrieve useful claims information and reports, closely track prescription drug fills to ensure eligibility, reduce abuse and fraud, and improve management processes such as pre-authorization.

Physical Medicine Network

KeyScripts, LLC maintains a network of physical medicine providers who specialize in treating workplace injuries, and includes physical and occupational therapists; chiropractors; hand and aquatic therapists; and work hardening and functional capacity assessment professionals, who are cognizant of the care and treatment protocols found in the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), as well as those set forth by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Immediate Appointment Scheduling with Multiple Referral Options:

KeyScripts Offers:

  • Superior Savings With Discounted Rates Below Fee Schedule
  • Convenient Billing And Network Savings Reports
  • Utilization/Clinical Reviews

Diagnostic Testing Network

KeyScripts, LLC maintains a network of providers who specialize in providing diagnostic testing services relative to workplace injuries, including:

    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    • Computerized Tomography (CT)
    • Electromyography/Nerve Conduction (Velocity) Study (EMG/NCV)
    • Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan (NMBS)
    • Orbital X-Rays

Immediate appointment scheduling with multiple referral options:

KeyScripts Offers:

    • Superior Savings With Discounted Rates Below Fee Schedule
    • Convenient Billing And Network Savings Reports

Durable Medical Equipment

KeyScripts provides high quality medical equipment and supplies to our clients’ insureds. We are committed to offering exceptional pricing and outstanding service support, while ensuring prompt delivery of the right materials, each and every time. Because we believe in getting it right the first time, our medical supply specialists are highly skilled at acquiring the detailed information needed to ensure that every order fits the specific needs of the receiver.

Our Medical Equipment and Supply Services Feature:

  • Access To More Than 20,000 High Quality Name Brand Medical Products
  • Fast-Track Shipping
  • Right To The Injured Worker’s Front Door
  • Our 100% Service Guarantee: If Not Completely Satisfied, The Receiver May Return Any Product For Immediate Replacement

Multiple Convenient Ordering Options:

Translation Services

In an increasingly multilingual workplace, the ability to effectively communicate with individuals for whom English is a second language, or who speak no English at all, is a vital service component for any workers’ compensation management program.

KeyScripts has access to a network of certified medical/legal translators offering translation and interpreting services in more than 200 languages, and which is specifically focused on serving the workers’ compensation industry. Network translators are available to attend client appointments on-site. Our network offers fast, reliable translation services that are unique to the workers’ compensation industry and allows KeyScripts to build on our “total care” approach to benefit management.

Multiple Convenient Ordering Options:

Transportation Services

KeyScripts has  a network of transportation services ensuring that claimants can get to their injury related medical appointments.

Examples of situations where transportation can be scheduled include:

  • Doctor Visits
  • Hospital Visits
  • I.M.E.s
  • PT/OT
  • Elderly and Assisted Transportation
  • Airport Pick-up and Delivery
  • Special Events
  • Group Trips
  • Dialysis
  • F.C.E.s

Multiple Convenient Ordering Options:

Home Healthcare Network

Home healthcare can help ensure that injured workers receive high quality, personal and compassionate care – in the privacy of their homes – aimed at achieving a quicker return to work. In-home care helps homebound individuals stay as functional and independent as possible, while offering injured workers a greater sense of security and dignity. In-home care also helps reduce incidents of hospital-borne infection/illness and hospital readmission, and studies have shown that individuals recuperating from injury, surgical procedures and illness heal more quickly and successfully at home than in a hospital setting.

KeyScripts has a national network of home healthcare professionals offering skilled in-home nursing, in-home health aides, and in-home physical and occupational  therapy. Our home healthcare network offers an opportunity for:

  • Reduced recovery periods
  • Fewer complications due to hospital illness/infections
  • Reduced incidents of hospital readmissions
  • Treatment tailored to the individual
  • Greater functionality, freedom and independence for the injured worker
  • Greater convenience for the injured worker’s family and friends

Drug Testing

The abuse of prescription medications used to treat workplace injuries has become a primary focus of many workers’ compensation programs.  KeyScripts offers solutions aimed at reducing the abuse of prescription drugs, its effect on operations and human resources, and its associated costs.  One such solution is our no-risk drug test scheduling.  Our “no risk” testing policy means you won’t receive a bill unless and until the injured worker provides a specimen for testing.

In addition, KeyScripts can provide data analytics and customizable reports to flag at-risk claimants based on such triggers as daily morphine equivalent dosage, use duration, number of prescribed narcotics, new opioid  starts, multiple prescribers, multiple pharmacies, and fast refills.

• Specimen collection scheduled with physician office

• Specimen receptacle shipped to physician office

• Collected Specimen shipped back to the lab

• Lab results sent to all stakeholders with suggested next steps

Clinical Review

Our Prescription Drug Review Program assists health professionals in assessing drug treatment regimens for appropriateness and relatedness, helps reduce abuse, duplication and fraud, and identifies money-saving benefit management strategies. Our pharmacists provide expert pharmaceutical evaluation, a 24/7/365 help desk, and coordinated pharmaceutical care. When a potential issue is detected, KeyScripts can implement a clinical pharmacy review to assess medical/medication, treatment/care and service history. Review of medication history may also serve as a basis to recommend an independent medical examination, peer review or other utilization review measure, dependent upon jurisdictional statute, to ensure proper use of prescription drugs.