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KeyScripts’ new phone system improves customer service

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best service to our customers, KeyScripts recently upgraded its telephone system to a fully-managed, enterprise-grade phone system. The new system utilizes cloud-based technology offering many benefits over traditional phone systems, including increased call quality, improved clarity, call analysis, and quality control features. The system lets KeyScripts track every call received and report on the reason for the call, caller type, first-call resolution rate, and other detailed call information we can use in-house and provide to customers. Reports can be generated over any time period (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly), with each call assigned a category number that helps us monitor call resolution by category type, to quickly resolve any customer service or training issues.


The system incorporates large flat-screen monitors mounted on the walls in the KeyScripts call center, from which our customer service supervisors can continuously view real-time call data while on the service floor. Integrated software also allows similar tracking from their desktop computers or handheld devices. Our supervisors are also able to listen to recorded calls and monitor live calls, which helps increase employee productivity and improve our customer service quality and training. Coupled with real-time call data, we can target areas for service enhancement and improvement to ensure that KeyScripts continues to deliver the highest quality support for our callers.

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